A Movie a Week, and Yes Usually on a Monday Afternoon


Welcome, to my new blog site, Matinee Monday, my name is Adam Cattel, and I am a life long fan of the movies.When I say that I do not mean just the films themselves, I mean the act of going to the movies. I never understood those who enjoy seeing movies, but hate going to the theater, as I find the theater going experience essential to the process. I understand those with time, or general life constraints, as that is part of why I stopped going as much, but I also know people who just hate the theater going experience. There is something to be said for seeing a film on the big screen, and to embrace this, I have committed myself to seeing at least a film a week in the theater.

Recently I found myself going to the movies less and less, and the result of this meant that I was seeing fewer films. It wasn’t so much that I didn’t want to see as many movies,  but that if I missed a movie when it came out, I just never really got around to it. This caused me to miss out on many great films over the last few years, and that is something that I plan to rectify.

So why Monday afternoons? Part of the reason for the day is timing, Monday is a day that I have to myself, and it just makes sense to fill that time with something I enjoy doing. The choice also allows for me the best chance to see movies in the way I enjoy the most, in an empty theater. Being able to experience of film on the big screen, with the perfect picture, the booming sound, and absolutely nobody else, is something that lets me experience the film without outside distractions that, can and have ruined films in the past.

While the majority of the films I will be going to see will be seen on a Monday, I certainly will not be limiting my experiences to only Monday afternoons. There are certain films that need to be seen opening night, with a crowd of like minded fans, as the buzz in the theater helps to enhance the experience. These same types of films also run the risk of being spoiled, and as somebody who loves to follow along with the film, I cannot stand to have a plot spoiled before I have had the chance to see it.

The majority of the updates will happen on Mondays, when the experience and thoughts will be the freshest, but I do plan to update more than once a week, and will many films coming up that interest me, there should be multiple updates to start off.

So join me on my journey, back to the movies.



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